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Alex MacWilliam Real Estate has, since 1949, been the company buyers and sellers have turned to for Vero Beach, FL real estate. When the company opened for business, by Alex MacWilliam, Jr., we were one of only four realty firms in all Indian River County. The MacWilliam family has a deep-rooted history in Vero Beach, beginning in the 1920s when Alex MacWilliam Sr. moved here to oversee the construction of the Riomar community and then later served as mayor of Vero Beach for a 20-year tenure. This long history gives us a unique perspective and expertise on the local real estate market. 

Known for specializing in the sale of single family homes and condominiums, our team of professionals sell property in all facets of the real estate marketplace providing only the finest service based on a philosophy of integrity and respect for clients. Whether it is lifestyle communities, oceanfront, riverfront or golf course properties, affordable homes or foreclosures, or commercial properties, our agents can do it all while upholding Alex MacWilliam Real Estate’s reputation of… Integrity • Service • Professionalism • Results

About Shannon O'Leary

Shannon was born and raised in Upstate New York. She attended Barnard College at Columbia University, as well as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she earned a degree in Biology. She also received a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Health Education from the University of Cincinnati.

Shannon discovered her passion for interior design and real estate when she began building and selling her own properties across the midwest. Shannon is a licensed real estate agent in the state of Florida and in the state of Ohio. She started a boutique interior design business in 2015. The process of discovering the potential within a property, developing it, and transforming it, is exciting to her. She is most invigorated when helping customers truly fall in love with their home.

Shannon has a breadth of personal and professional knowledge and experience buying and selling homes, as well as relocating and transitioning to new areas throughout the country. Shannon has become an expert at finding and researching homes, communities, doctors, dentists, family activities, and more. In addition to her deep understanding of the intricacies of real estate, just as importantly, she is intimately aware of the emotions involved in the process of buying and selling, as she has personally been through it many times. Shannon strives to be a resource and a support for her customers in order to make what many believe to be a stressful process, less challenging and more exciting.

Shannon is a full-time resident of Vero Beach, Florida. Her family’s journey to the area began over 30 years ago when upon entering retirement, her grandparents intended to make a brief stop in Vero Beach, but fell in love and never left! Twenty years later, her mother was adamant she would never retire in Florida. She thought she’d much prefer a southeastern city such as Savannah or Charleston, but after renting a condo for only 1 month in Vero Beach she too fell in love with not only the beaches and the weather, but also the people, the arts, the culture, and the vast amenities. Even before the conclusion of their initial month in Vero Beach, Shannon’s parents started envisioning their retirement in what they thought of as a “secret paradise,” thus quite decisively they purchased a home in the area. Soon enough, other family members and friends followed suite.

Vero Beach has always been a special place for Shannon and it too became a special place for her children, so after many years of frequent visits and holidays spent in Vero Beach, she decided to permanently relocate to the area with her 2 vivacious boys who absolutely love living and attending school in Florida. Shannon discovered that although the Treasure Coast has a multitude of outstanding retirement communities, as more and more jobs provide the ability to work remotely, many young families have begun to transition to the area because it offers a laid back, safe, and active environment to raise children.

Shannon is an avid runner who takes advantage of the many beautiful locations in her neighborhood to enjoy a run. She can be found running the local beaches, making trips across the Barber Bridge, climbing stairs along the boardwalk at Jaycee Park, and even competing in local races. In keeping with her active lifestyle, she also attends classes at Orange Theory Fitness and has recently fallen in love with yoga, fully appreciating the mental and physical benefits of the practice. Her hobbies including gardening, riding bikes with her boys, kayaking, playing golf and tennis, painting, writing, and photography. Shannon relishes her Saturday morning trips with her younger son to the local beachside farmer’s market for fresh produce and chocolate croissants. One of her favorite things about living in Florida is that she wakes up nearly every morning to the sun shining.